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Serialized Selections with even more whimsy than our Limited Editions!
Blink and you'll miss them.

SUGAR AND FILIGREE is available in a 5ml amber apothecary bottle, or a 5ml amber glass roll on with a black cap.

5ml Brown Apothecary Bottle - $19
5ml Brown Apothecary Roll-On - $20



Ghosts of Notions Past:

April 29, 2013


Happy Third Birthday, Miss Lucy!

Lucy, what else is there to say that I didn't say these last two years to you? With each passing year, I witness your journey from dependent infancy to an independent young girl. In your eyes I can catch fleeting glimpses of the woman you will become, and while I know that day is still a long distance away, a part of me agonizes over the feeling that time is blasting past in leaps and bounds while another part of myself feels the days slide by slowly, imperceptibly, achingly slow.

It is my wish for you on your third birthday that you continue to grow into the kind hearted, warm and loving person that you are and that now that you are a big sister, you will teach your younger brother how to shine in the world as you do.

Lucy, you're sugar and filigree to me - It's how you sweetly turn and twist through time, continually embedding yourself deeper and deeper into my heart. Never let go.

I love you, sweet girl,


Aged vanilla infused musk, pink candy floss, quince, rock candy and angel food cake.

The Lucina Rose series

Miss Lucy is more than my daughter. She's my joy and my muse. Here is the latest installment in her very own line. Hopefully she'll take it over one day!

Summer 2012

Peek A Boo! Miss Lucy's Two!

Some thoughts for my darling daughter on the evening of your second birthday as you sleep soundly in bed, exhausted from the joy of your special day:

Two years ago you entered my life and launched me head long into the most glorious, confounding, mysterious, challenging, profound and ecstatic journey imaginable. There is simply no way I could have ever anticipated exactly how far my body, my mind, my heart and my soul could be expanded, stretched and pushed to the limits by your mere existence. Your steadfast presence has acted as a mirror pool for me; a relentless reflection of revolving angels and demons merging and dissolving, transforming as the ripples radiate out then collapse back in on themselves.  While I may look at my reflection and be horrified, impressed or despondent, you see only me and truly love what is there without fear or judgment.

I thank you for all that you've offered me, oftentimes despite myself: opportunities to grow and evolve. For simple moments in time; games of Peek-A-Boo and the healing metaphor borne of those moments, the tender respite I took in hiding sad and heavy eyes behind my hands while I picked up the shards of a heart that had imploded by surrendering to the gravity of love. Thank you for the comfort and reassurance that your spontaneous peals of joyous laughter provided while I searched for buoyancy in the darkness, for meaning and purpose that I knew was hidden within the riddle of your tiny smile; for the me that exists as a whole reflection in your eyes. But mostly, thank you for having the courage to be here in this incarnation and choosing me to be your mama. Let's grow together, dear one.

Peek-a-boo. You see me, I see you.

Happy second birthday, Lucy.



The darkness of shredded black coconut and aged vanilla resin is sweetened with sandalwood infused smoked sugar then brightened with heliotrope, ylang ylang, triumphant pink grapefruit and a kiss of sweet musk.

Summer 2011

Miss Lucy's Beary Good Year

Miss Lucy's Beary Good Year

Happy First Birthday, Miss Lucy!

I cannot believe it's been a year since you've been born. You've grown so much! You're walking, talking, singing, dancing and even learning to yodel! It's been such a gift and a blessing to be able to watch you change, learn. try, fall, get up and keep on going. You're an inspiration! Happy number one, baby girl. I hope we can share a hundred more birthdays together. I love you.

Soft and comforting teddy bear musk, a smear of blackberry jam, warm milk, white vanilla birthday cake, sweet buttercream frosting and the subtle scent of pink hyacinth carried on the warm spring breeze.

April/May 2011

Miss Lucy's Haiku

To my daughter at the first sign of spring, a haiku:

Sweet little love bird
nesting warmly in my heart
your eyes know: we're home.

Fresh fig, tonka bean, paperwhite narcissus, robin's egg blue delphinium with a comforting heart of vanilla infused amber.

The Whore on Tour series

It's no secret that Whore of Babylon in the Mythos collection was our most popular fragrance. With the Whore on Tour series, we'll follow the Whore of Babylon as she departs Conjure Oils and travels the globe in search of wild adventure, trying new fragrances for herself along the way.

The Whore on Tour - Oregon

After her splendid Italian vacation, our heroine makes her way home to Oregon to indulge in the amazing fruit found in abundance that grows from the ancient volcanic soil. It's been a great year for the Whore on Tour! See you next time she goes on vacation!

Summer in the Pacific NorthWest: Rain, Hood River strawberries, marionberries, early blueberries and raspberries anchored with emerald grass, cloudy skies and fertile black loam.

The Whore on Tour - Italy

Wintering in Italy, the Whore wanders lazily through bergamot and lemon groves soaking in the Mediterranean sunshine and finding inspiration in the sea spray heavy in the air. Piquant herbal gardens surround her with their balsamic aroma as she sits planning spring rites of renewal and regeneration in the ancient traditions of the Stregas that have preceded her for centuries.

A perfume to bring the spring thaw: Tuscan bergamot, blood orange and ruby grapefruit are warmed with crystalline amber, clary sage, elemi, white tea, olibanum and purifying rosemary incense.

(PS - This fragrance has been added to the General Catalogue Fortuna in the Mythos collection.)

February/March 2011


Vajra's 35th Birthday

In Vajrayana Buddhism the Vajra (or Dorje as it is known in Tibet) is considered a spiritual weapon representing the tenacity of soul and spiritual might. It is likened to a diamond - the only substance than can cut everything except itself. The Vajra is a reminder of our power and our indestructible nature.

Sacred sandalwood and frankincense sweetened with rare Nepalese amber, pure honey, black currant and thick vanilla resin.

December/January 2011

Miss Lucy's First Snowflake

White flakes rarely flutter down from the heavens here in Oregon. Recently, we were treated with a light dusting so we excitedly bundled Miss Lucy and took her outside to see the snow. I was touched at the realization as I watched her playfully attempt to grasp at the flurry: Love each other, folks. Hold your dear ones close; life really is a snowflake melting on a baby's cheek.

Schmaltzy, but true.

Fresh snow scooped into paper cones doused with vanilla sugar and maple syrup.

The Whore on Tour - Deutschland

Whore on Tour - Deutschland

Ahh, Christmas finds the Whore wintering in Die Schwartzwald, Germany's Black Forest nestled along the Danube river. This holiday season, our lovely lady will be slavishly showering her loved ones with the gift of the region: hand made cuckoo clocks - after all, our heroine does have a sense of humor! Nonetheless, the holidays aren't just about the presents. She'll be witness to the majestic snow covered forest, pink sunrises over the river, and loads of Schwarzwald Kirschkuchen!

Black Forest bliss: whipped cream and maraschino cherries are sandwiched between layers upon layers of chocolate cake generously doused with Kirschwasser and a sneaky shot of rum.

October/November 2010

Miss Lucy's Simply Batty!

Just shy of six months old and vying for a career as a spokes model for Conjure Oils! This month we celebrate Miss Lucy's pouty first visit to the pumpkin patch!

Pumpkin custard, golden amber honey, crisp crimson autumn leaves falling slowly in the afternoon sunlight and spiced apple cider warmed with vanilla syrup.

The Whore on Tour - The Middle East

This October, our heroine makes her way from the South of France to the lush pomegranate groves of the Iranian plateau. Here, she'll bask in the sun, savor the juicy garnet arils and fill her sketchbook with still life drawings of fruit heavy on the tree and the mythological meanderings of Mesopotamian underworld deities.

Deep pomegranate, raspberry patchouli, kush, musk rose, tiare, vanilla cream, date sugar and fresh black fig.

September 2010

Miss Lucy's All Dolled Up

Just three months old and Miss Lucy already has the makings of a steampunk fashionista!

vanilla cream, pink musk, antique lace, sugared patchouli and just a hint of cherry blossom.

The Whore on Tour - Wine Country

Her first stop finds her in French wine country where the grapes hang like jewels from the vine underneath the never ending cobalt heavens. Here she'll enjoy the summer sun heavy in the sky, the wine tasting and painting watercolor postcards of the countryside for her lovers back home.

Bronzed vanilla, bordeaux,  white honey, fresh hay and herbes de Provence