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Conjure Oils - Mythos Perfume Oils

Perfume Oils

Fragrances in the Mythos collection are available in three sizes:

1/32 oz. Sample Pip - $3.50
5ml Brown Apothecary Bottle - $15
10ml Brown Apothecary Bottle - $25
10ml Clear Glass Roll-On with Black Cap - $25

Please indicate your desired size and fragrance from the drop down menus below then click the Add To Cart button to complete the selection.



{She Who Illuminates Heaven}

Japanese yuzu, green bamboo stalks, pink sakura blossoms and a tea ceremony for the Japanese goddess of the Sun

{Greek Goddess of Love}

Honor the goddess of love with olive blossoms, linden, red roses and a kiss of sea foam

{Bella Strega}

Italian holy daughter of Diana who was charged with the protection of the oppressed and the guardianship of her subversive witches. 13 sacred ingredients grace her perfume including rue, Tuscan bergamot, olibanum, black myrrh, artemisia, thick nocturnal musk and incense burned in the light of the full moon

{Greek Virgin Goddess of the Moon & the Hunt}

Birch, spruce, moonflowers and the purest of lilies for the mighty maiden and her nymphs that no man may touch

{Middle Eastern Goddess of Love and Sexuality}

dusty roses, silken tapestries, sensuous sandalwood and sexual musk shimmy to life in this blend

{Greek Goddess of Wisdom & War}

victorious bay laurel, intellectual lavender and the studious scent of old scrolls spring forth from the bottle to weave a truly unique fragrance

{Egyptian Goddess of Cats & Perfumery}

Egyptian red musk, catnip and warm amber create the perfect perfume for this playful diva

{Middle Eastern Great Mother}

Glowing white roses and Madonna lily are gently wrapped up in the stars that blanket the heavens

{Celtic Goddess of Fire & Inspiration}

Green moss, verdant fields, heather and perpetual fire burn bright in this illuminating brew

{Master Sorceress}

Hypnotic star anise, narcotic opium and black ice mesmerize the senses. Pure magic

{Legendary Queen, Seductress & Strategist}

Egyptian myrrh, irresistible sandalwood and red musk glow with a hint of amyris and sparkle with the beautiful blue waters of the Nile

{Serpent Skirt - Aztec Mother Goddess}

Terrifying Mother of the Moon and Stars. She is the womb as well as the tomb. Cumin, cacao, cinnamon and coffee notes sizzle together in the heat of the blazing sun

{Greek Great Mother Goddess of Bounty}

Brown rice, freshly scythed wheat and juicy black grapes turned into ruby wine

{Indian Supreme Mother of the Universe}

As a fierce protector and an indestructible force of nature, Durga's ability to help her devotees overcome selfishness, jealousy, prejudice, hatred, anger, and ego has made her one of the most beloved of all Hindu devas. She rides into battle on her tiger, a symbol of her vast and limitless power with a peaceful smile on her face, as even during the most violent confrontations, she does not lose her composure, compassion or her ability to laugh at a good joke.

Sacred, powerful and commanding, yet brightly festive: Daring Indian patchouli wrapped in graceful bergamot blossom and enlivened with tonka bean.

{Celtic Horse Goddess}

A crisp Welsh morning: frost on the moss, ice in the air and a fresh bridle on a Palomino

{The Angry Ones}

Greek spirits that embody the anger of the dead. Their heads, ringed with serpents and eyes that cry tears of blood graphically display their anger and rage over the wrongful demise of the spirits that they represent. Ancient and timeless, they symbolize the eternal cycle of regeneration that exemplifies death leading to rebirth. Blood red patchouli, Mycenaean honey, pomegranate incense, and deepest earth musk

{Sumerian Queen of the Underworld}

Black flowers, dark stars and scarlet amber veils swirl in the lapis lazuli palace of the dead

{Coquettish Lwa of Beauty, Finery and Love
Patchouli, a celebrated love-drawing ingredient found in most fine perfumes, is accented with baby pink tea roses, flutes of the best champagne and a dusting of powdered sugar to help keep life sweet

{Biblical Temptress
Red apples, green serpents, fig leaves and other forbidden fruits and flowers in the Garden of Eden

{Roman Goddess of Fortune}

Tuscan bergamot, blood orange and ruby grapefruit are charmed with crystalline amber, clary sage, elemi, white tea, olibanum and a whisper of rosemary incense.

{Norse Goddess of Love & Witchcraft
Birch trees, campfires, feathered cloaks, amber necklaces and fresh linden vert create an intensely sexual mix

{Tibetan Bodhisattva of Action
Green Tara is ready to rescue us from our illusions in a moments notice. Blue peonies, pink lotus and white moonflowers incant Om Tare Tutare Ture Svaha

{Goddess of the Dark Moon & Crossroads
Night blooming jasmine, cypress and torchlight smoke with a hint of midnight musk

{Scandinavian Goddess of the Realms of Death

Mist swirls in the charred woods of the Underworld. Patchouli, smoldering yew branches and decaying leaves

{Greek Goddess of Women and Matrimony

A golden goblet of merlot, peacock colored flowers, crow black plums and dried pomegranate seeds

{Sumerian Goddess of Sex, War & Fertility

Descend into the underworld! Middle eastern blood red pomegranates, juicy crimson currants, night-blooming cereus, alyssum, nicotania flowers and swirling plumes of incense adorn the altar of Inanna

{Egyptian Goddess of the World}

Only the best for the Great Queen. Ethiopian myrrh, jasmine absolute, white musk and moonlight that goes on for eternity

{Sanctify Sexuality}

Passionfruit doused with fig and resplendent roses

{Warrior Maiden of Orléans}

Strong and mighty resins paired up with maiden-delicate spring blooms. Labdanum, gardenia and rosewood

{Indian Black Mother of Time}

Dragon's blood devours fragile night queen blossoms, champa flowers, jasmine blooms, black lotus petals and blood-red hibiscus skull garlands. Destroy to Create! Om Kali! Jai Ma!

{Bodhisattva of Compassion}

Fresh water, white willow branches and green tea honor She Who Hears the Cries of the World

{Indian Goddess of Wealth}

Golden coins sparkle on the surface of the ocean as pearls and fat pink lotus blossoms slowly float by

{Primal Female}

Don't get on your back for anyone! Powerful bergamot shines in defiance against the flowers of Eden

{Haitian Lwa of the Cemetery}
Scottish and Irish indentured servants brought along with them to Haiti their beloved goddess and later Saint Brigid, the red haired, green eyed, fair skinned deity. She most certainly has her place among the pantheon of beloved Haitian Lwa as queen of the Ghede, a Haitian Creole word for a family of sprits that represent the dead as well as fertility - sex and death are never far apart! She is the Mistress of the Dead, owner of the cemetery and is, in true ghede fashion, as sexually suggestive, rude, obscene and debaucherous as her husband, Baron Samedi.

Maman's Ofrendas: Tobacco, peppered rum, spicy clove, piquant cinnamon and graveyard dirt.

{Mistress of Avalon and Magick}
Half sister to King Arthur, a Lady of the Lake and a masterful sorceress and necromancer who's skill surpasses that of Merlin himself.

An exquisite ritual for the dark arts as well as a most enchanting and glamorous fragrance! Blackened myrrh, red vanilla doused with black musk, juniper and cedar infused cypress, mandragora,black hellebore, a drop of choya nakh - toasted sea shell - for her connection to the sea and angel's trumpet flower essence for her work with death and the afterlife.

{Celtic Goddess of Death & Magic}

Murders of ravens shriek hungrily over a battlefield: Smoky amber, white narcissus and bloody rose blossoms wilt in the night air

{Egyptian Goddess of Darkness}

She guards the gates between life and death, the darkness, the moon, and night. She rules over dark sorcery and immortality. A fragrance worthy of her venation: night queen, murky myrrh, African violet, lunar water lilies and acacia.

{The Celestial Cow
he births the sun each morning and reabsorbs it again each night. She holds the souls of the departed as the night sky stars that she holds in her bosom. A blackberry sky sparkling with vanilla stars, a cup full of celestial milk from the Cow, and warm Egyptian musk

{Greek Goddess of the Night
Nyx is the exceedingly dark, beautiful, powerful and unknowable Greek goddess of the Night who witnessed the birth of all of creation. She is Mother of the deepest mysteries that have haunted humanity since the beginning of time: The Mother of Moros (Doom), Styx (Hate), Hypnos (Sleep) & Thanatos (Death) and many, many others.

Egyptian myrrh, amber resin, opium tar, antique patchouli, moonflower, black tea and tonka bean.

{Polynesian Goddess of the Volcano
picy white ginger blossoms, explosively fragrant pikaki flowers and ripe tropical fruits make a humble offering to this island goddess

{Grecian Queen of the Underworld
he world is renewed as She departs from the underworld to be reunited with her mother, Demeter. Iced pomegranate, pale daffodils, melting snow and dark woods thaw in the early spring sun

{Egyptian Queen Regnant
acred blue lotus, pacifistic frankincense and spikenard resurface after once being thought of as lost forever

{Candomble's Primal Vamp
nown as the female counterpart to Exu in Brazilian Candomble. Pomba Gira is a seductive blend of saffron and passionate dragon's blood dripped over crimson rose and carnation blossoms. A scarlet love potion to match the color of her full lips, razor-sharp fingernails and stiletto heels.

{Dance of the Seven Veils
he ultimate symbol of female seduction. Salome slithers her Holy strip-tease, the Dance of the Seven Veils, for you promising to reveal all in good time. Let the pleasure of delayed gratification deliver you new erotic heights as Salome coos in your ear, "it's worth the wait." earthy middle eastern notes of clove and cardamom shimmy as jewel-toned fragrant veils waft their perfume of pomegranate and incense throughout the harem

{Indian Goddess of Art & Intellect
creative emulsion of whip smart rosemary, stimulating osmanthus and clever clove

{Feminine Power Unleashed
ynamic and engaging, Shakti is the active force of the Goddess. She is pure energy, life and light and only a bold and glowing blend would be appropriate. Indian sandalwood, blackberry honey and black amber finds balance with a sparkle of white musk and the smallest curl of incense smoke.

{Noble Virgin
hecla was twice sentenced to death for not givin' it up and twice was she saved by a holy miracle. She was as important and influential as St. Paul, yet forgotten by history. Virginal lilies, cleansing peppermints and loyal violet

{Tibetan Dakini & Indestructible Diamond
Vajrayogini is the supreme deity in the Highest Yoga Tantra of Tibetan Buddhism. She transforms the mundane into the magickal and defeats death, using it as a tool toward enlightenment. Tibetan black musk, dhoop, molten red amber and spiced Eastern white sandalwood.

{Sacred Slut
A wanton blend of a fallen starlet: scorched vanilla, champagne and pink diamonds. Our most popular fragrance has been restored to is former glory! ORIGINAL FORMULA!


{Egyptian God of the Funerary Arts
Jackal-headed Egyptian lord of embalming, mummification and protector of the dead. He watches over the funerary process making sure the bodies are properly readied for their journey to the afterlife. His color is black, associating him with the putrefaction stage of death as well as the promise of rebirth found in the fertile black soils on the banks of the river Nile.

A perfume inspired by the beauty that Anubis saw in death: Red musk, Egyptian patchouli accord, tonka bean absolute, aged vanilla resin and a drop of embalming honey.

{Greek Divine Healer
ringer of medicine, light and prophecy. Call on his clairvoyant majesty with frankincense, fenugreek and sunflower petals

{God of Bloodlust
he sparks that fly when steel clashes against steel, fresh blood drawn in battle and the smell of victory. Bay laurel, blood rusted metal and the black musk of fury

{Solve et Coagula - Destroy to Create}
A union of opposites - male and female, sun and moon, our human and animal natures.

Aged oudh, blood red pomegranate, toasted tobacco, black sugandhara and Conjure Oils' own 23 component hand-made Dragon's Blood infused with bergamot for personal power

{Greek Divine Healer
Biblical beast that ushers in the Whore of Babylon at the End of the World in the Book of Revelations.  This is the masculine version of the Whore of Babylon scent. black vanilla smolders in a sea of champagne and blood oranges. High John the Conqueror root is added for its smoky sexiness as well as its ability to enhance virility, attractiveness and stamina. Hot stuff!

{Haitian Lwa of the Dead
fragrant homage: coconut meat, cigar smoke, black leather and rum spiked with spicy black pepper corns

{Horned One
art man, part beast. Leather and animal musk wafts heavy in the summer air over the dark green trillium spotted glen as Herne gallops by

{Intoxicating Ecstasy
he lord of the vine would not be disappointed in the least. Narcotic wine notes dance with the Maenads in the twilit orchards, savoring Merlot, nibbling on red grapes, black figs and each other

{Nordic Wolf of the Apocalypse
ray branches at daybreak, the blue sky and the black earth touched by the jaws of the one destined to break his bonds and devour Odin at Ragnarok. Charred birch, ambergris and crisp oakmoss round out this dangerous scent

{Bountiful Harvest
Freyr is from the older clan of agrarian, peaceful gods. He is sunshine and the rain that encourages the crops to grow. Green grass, sweet sunlight, plowed earth and gentle rain

{Indian Elephant-Headed Remover of Obstacles
ne of the most beloved of Hindu deities, Ganesha is the first deva to be venerated at ceremonies, petitioned to open roads and remove obstacles. He is the Lord of letters, education and the universal syllable, ohm, belongs to him as well. He is venerated in this scent with his traditional offerings: sweetened coconut, lotus and champa blossoms, sandalwood incense and his favorite sweet, modaka consisting of basmati rice and a daub of ghee

{Greek Underworld King
aster who oversees the abode of the dead; a misty and gloomy kingdom where tortured souls await final judgment. Agonizing black amber, wilted funeral flowers, hopeless prayers and crypts of ancient dust

{Egyptian Holy Child
ky god. A falcon with outstretched wings soaring on winds perfumed with frankincense, myrrh, Egyptian red musk, and papyrus flowers

{Greek God of Sleep}

Brother of Thanatos, Hypnos is the Greek god of sleep. Tucked deep in his cave, he slumbers peacefully among the poppies.

Sweet lavender-infused vanilla cream, heliotrope blossoms and blue chamomile to soothe slumber woes.

{Giant Mischief
tricksy blend that could smell like a wet goat that ate too many of Idun's apples. Or was that Idun's road apples? Anyway, we think it smells like blue cotton candy and orange creamsicles. You be the judge

{Japanese Lucky Beckoning Cat
smanthus, jasmine flowers, bayberry and cassia signal you to try the oil that we refer to around here as luck in a bottle

{Scandinavia's One-Eyed AllFather
ever without his ravens Huginn and Muninn (Thought and Memory) and his eight legged black steed Sleipnir. Odin hung upside down on Yggdrasil for nine days and nine nights to receive the Sight as well as the runes. Mist- covered Norwegian ash, mossy emerald lichens and the smoke from the Fates' campfire

{Egyptian King of the Dead
t was Isis' kiss that brought Osiris back to life after his brother Set dismembered him. He now lives in the underworld to judge the souls of the recently departed. Aged patchouli, acacia, lotus root and juniper pray for the salvation of lost souls

{Woodland Satyr
ollow Pan's pipes deep into the woods and get lost in the revelry. white sage, bay, pine and red musk

he Sacred Heart of Jesus depicts Christ's divine love for humanity. Roses, the universal symbol of love cradle linden blossoms and sun ripened heart-shaped scarlet cherries

{Egyptian Lord of Chaos}

Egyptian lord of darkness, chaos, storms, the harsh desert and foreigners. He ruled the red desert in Upper Egypt while Horus was given the fertile Nile delta, the black lands of Lower Egypt. The two gods were always at odds with one another. Multiple myths detail the feud between the two, a conflict that is completely understandable: Set murdered then dismembered Horus' father Osiris as Set always had eyes for his sister and Horus' mother, the beautiful Isis and stopped at nothing to have her. Some historians claim that the vilification of Set was politically motivated, some say it was symbolic of the war that people living in the desert waged to survive within the environment daily: Set represented the sterile, harsh desert while Horus was the fertile lands that were flooded by the Nile. Nonetheless, Set is a darkly complicated figure who is often called upon for sex and love magic as he understands the how far down the maddening depths of love and desire can go when they remain unrequited.

Egyptian red amber, black patchouli, vanilla bean hull, sycamore, black musk, beeswax and vetiver.

{The Auspicious One
he crescent moon, skin smeared with ashes, matted hair and a golden trident. He is seated upon a tiger skin in meditation. Champa, clove, musk and Mysore sandalwood

{Norse God of Thunder
e wouldn't have proper heavy metal music without Thor. A great fan of good food and drink, he shakes the heavens when he swings his mighty hammer Mjollnir. The scent of lightning, quick-tempered hail and a drinking horn filled with honey mead

{Egyptian God of Magic & Communication
he ibis headed god Thoth brought himself into creation by uttering his own name. He is the original primal author of the first book - The Book of Thoth, creator of alchemy and of language. Egyptian musk, tomb moss, cedar wood, benzoin, clove, cinnamon, olibanum and lavender

{Ruler of Mt. Olympus
hunderbolt wielding, ambrosia eating, mortal seducing. Tropical fruits and the flowers of paradise unfold with a sip of wine, olive blooms and the ozone of sky fire


{The Great Beast
is name is "Crowley" it rhymes with "Holy" The Prince of Thelema, To Mega Therion. A fragrance reminiscent of a gentleman's club at the turn of the century: tobacco, black tea, leather, fine cologne and the kiss of a Scarlet Woman

{Southern Rootworker par Excellence
eady and Southern-inspired, featuring spiked peach sweet tea, magnolia blossoms and a splash of Florida Water

{New Orleans Voodoo Queen
arsaparilla, French vanilla bourbon, a handmade lace shawl and a shot of rum for Papa Legba


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