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People we LOVE!

Orisha Rosaries and other blessed bijoux made by initiated priest of Yemaya, Omi L'ade. Ashe!

Mister Kurtis Conjure

Mister Kurtis is a root doctor and reader in the San Francisco area. When people ask me to do rootwork and conjure for them, this is the man that I refer and recommend.

Valerie Herron - Mystic Media
Valerie Herron is an amazing Portland artist. Her work is featured on our Circe perfume in the Mythos collection.

Kerry Kate - October Effigies
Hand-made and painted dolls delightfully dark and macabe!

The Clockwork Cabaret
The Clockwork Cabaret is a weekly radio show. They play the "Music o' Gears for Steampunk Ears" an anachronistic style of music that will make you long for the days gone by. A wide assortment of jazz, blues, goth, folk, swing, gypsy punk, dark cabaret, classical and other related genres.

So, pour yourself a glass of port or a nice cup of tea and give them a listen!

A. Drobny - Rebel Astrology
Flux is Conjure's resident astrologer and madman! Read his amazing blog for celestial insights!

Judika Illes
Author of Pure Magic, The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells,
The Element Encyclopedia of Witchcraft, Emergency Magic and the soon-to-be-released Encyclopedia of Spirits: The Ultimate Guide to the Magic of Saints, Angels, Fairies, Demons, and Ghosts. She's my favorite author on the subject, hands down.

Radio Bastet - Vintage Belly Dance Music!
Remember those old LP's in your parents' record collection - the ones promising "exotic adventures in far-off lands" and featuring sexy harem girls in skimpy costumes entertaining smiling, hooka-smoking sultans?
Get your shimmy on old-school with RadioBastet! She even has her very own Conjure Oils scent available only through her website!

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