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Conjure Oils - The Spekeasy
Perfume Oils

     The clandestine culture created around the watering holes popular during the days of prohibition are recreated in this nostalgic line! These fragrances are developed to evoke the footloose and fancy free, easy going, fast talking, gin swilling and unbridled revelry that made the 1920's nothing less than roaring! The Speakeasy is just fragrant, very secular fun. Let's cut a rug!


Fragrances in the Speakeasy are available in three sizes:

1/32 oz. Sample Pip - $3.50
5ml Brown Apothecary Bottle - $15
10ml Brown Apothecary Bottle - $25
10ml Clear Glass Roll-On with Black Cap - $25

Please indicate your desired size and fragrance from the drop down menus below then click the Add To Cart button to complete the selection.


A lingering and sensually resinous signature scent featuring mysterious Haitian vetiver and black myrrh. Perfect for a memorable exit when you need to get out while the getting's good

The ol' rotgut may be tough on the liver but the juniper berries, bitter orange and creme de cassis are easy on the nose!
Cupid's bow lips seductively blowing kisses across the room. Chypre spiced roses, a diabolical dry down of cardamom and a swirl of succulent black cherry.

Short hem lines, shorter hair, jazz clubs and faux pearls irreverently swing in the face of decent behavior. Smoky, sexy vanilla suede, hootch and a trail of Oriental sandalwood make this scent not only the bee's knees, but quite possibly the cat's pajamas as well!

A dab of come-hither jasmine behind the ears, one too many White Russians and the leather backseat of a car.
Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow. Grab your partner and hoof it! A complexly choreographed scent of sassy citrus, antique woods, swanky flowers and feisty spices.
Injure Ale is what you get when gin and ginger ale work their magic together in a tumbler on the rocks.
Cracked and worn leather seats, contented puffs of sweet pipe tobacco, fresh air tousling your hair and the nothing but open road in front of you for miles. Aooga!

KNJR on the DIAL
Long before television or the internet, friends and families gathered 'round the warm glow of the console radio anxiously anticipating the next installment of their favorite radio program.

Nostalgic and evocative of days long past: Ozone from old vacuum tubes, a glowing walnut wood cabinet polished to a glistening finish, the warmth of a crackling fire and the memory of hot chocolate enjoyed with family and friends.


African-American dance fusion inspired by jazz, the Charleston, tap and break away.

Heady pink magnolia, black coconut musk, swank suede and some keen lavender.

For Gentlemen: bay rhum with a splash of limewood and Earl Grey tea.
Succulent blackthorn plums sweetened with refreshing lemon sugar and sparkling soda water served cold.

Kick back, relax and unwind. We've bribed the coppers so there'll be no bust tonight!

The swarthy scent of an aging dive: creaking aged cedar floorboards, air heavy with smoke and the sexy musk of bodies undulating to jazz rhythms until the break of dawn.


Rah! Rah! Rah! Don your raccoon coat, root for your team into your megaphone and shake that pennant!

The brisk scent of a flawless autumn afternoon: The chill in the air, fresh grassy turf, azure skies and the zing of leather pig skin as is soars through the goal. Touchdown!

Definitely not for the church goin' crowd! All the evidence of a bawdy traveling road show. dusty merlot bottles, tobacco, dirty jokes and slapstick black amber.

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