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Eleggua - Orisa of Communication, Patron of Crossroads

Ago Eleggua! He is a paradox; the first and the last, a young boy and an old man. He is a warrior, a trickster, owns all doors, paths, roads and thresholds. His number is 3, colors are red and black. This scent is a blend of everything that he loves: a puff on a good cigar, a spray of white rum and a hand full of chocolates and other candies. Maferefun Eleggua every day!

Ogun - Orisa of Iron and War, Patron of Laborers

Onile Ogun! Not only a warrior, Ogun is the orisha of iron - the blade that both harms and heals. He is a great warrior and surgeon. He is also found deep inside the earth. Ogun is celebrated in this blend with notes of fine Cuban cigar, a machete slathered in red palm, dark rum, fresh turned soil and leather . Maferefun Ogun every day!

Ochossi - Orisa of the Hunt, Patron of Law Enforcement

Ode Mata! Ochossi is also a warrior; the tracker, the explorer, the sorcerer, the healer. He knows what you're up to when you think he's not looking. There is a saying, "Ochossi, come live in my house so I won't have to live in yours." Ochossi's house is the jail cell and he is embodied in soldiers and police officers. A fragrance filled with Ochossi's favorites: Almonds, a splash of Anisette, ripe pears and the stillness of the forest before the sun rises. Maferefun Ochossi every day!

Obatala - Orisa of Peace, Patron of Humanity

Maferefun Baba! Obatala is the owner of all heads, He is the epitome of cool, calm and collected. He rules over sanity and insanity and is the King of the protective white cloth. He dispenses wisdom and peace. This is a soothing mix. Imagine white sheets drying in the wind on a summer's afternoon, a juicy comice pear and a cool glass of coconut milk with ice to wash it all down. Maferefun Obatala every day!

Oya - Orisa of the Winds of Change, Patron of the Marketplace

Hekua Yansa! Oya, the mother of nine. The tornado that rips through a rain-filled black sky tearing out the old to make way for the new. She is closest to Egun, the spirits of our dead ancestors and she is the queen of the marketplace. A powerful blend is fitting for Yansa: dragon's blood, black amber, heavy burgundy hibiscus blossoms and torrential rain. Maferefun Oya every day!

Oshun - Beautiful Orisa of Sweetness, Patron of Love

Ori ye ye o! Oshun is the youngest of the Orisa, but I wouldn't want to live without her gifts since they're the ones that make life worth living; love, sex, beauty, art, dance and all things sensual. Though Ochun is not all love and sweetness, she is also a survivor, a vulture, mother, a warrior and a queen. She is the sweetness of a fresh water river flowing freely. Ochun's favorites grace this golden blend: Tahitian vanilla honey is drizzled slowly over spiced pumpkins filled with brown sugar and fresh orange slices. Maferefun Oshun everyday!


What makes Conjure Oils Santeria blends unique?

Rest assured, weary travelers. These blends are hand crafted by an initiated priest of Eleggua in the Lukumi Tradition. They are consciously created and prayed over before they're sent out to you.




Fragrances from the Santeria collection are available in three sizes:

1/32 oz. Sample Pip - $3.50
5ml Brown Apothecary Bottle - $15
10ml Brown Apothecary Bottle - $25
10ml Clear Glass Roll-On with Black Cap - $25

Please indicate your desired size and fragrance from the drop down menus below then click the Add To Cart button to complete the selection.


Agallu - Orisa of the Volcano, Patron of Transportation

modupue Agallu! He is the mighty volcano that slowly carves out landscapes and the lava flow that divides the land of the living from the land of the dead. His unbridled might could only be tempered by the sweet waters of Ochun. An explosive blend of hot desert spices and clove. Maferefun Agallu every day!

Shango - Orisa of Thunder, Patron of Drumming and Dance

Kawo Kabiosile! Shango has quick wits and an even quicker temper. He jumps the highest, is the best dancer, lover and embodies virility. He is the dance of lightning, drumming of thunder and the fire of life. A passionate scent for Shango: red apples, lightning struck cedar, oakmoss, dark musk, steaming rain and chips of high john the conqueror root. Maferefun Shango every day!

Olokun - Orisa of Health and Wealth, Patron of the Depths

modupue Olokun! Deep on the ocean floor in the cold black stillness Olokun lives in his/her castle, so old that no one knows the gender anymore. The bottom of the ocean is the final resting place of the sunken, human and treasure alike. Olokun heals from these deep waters, grants psychic abilities, helps you foster a connection with your Egun and blesses you with prosperity. A rich oil for Olokun: an old sea-soaked treasure chest filled with gold and diamonds. The salty scent of the ocean and the mysterious blackness of the deep . Maferefun Olokun every day!

Yemaya - Orisa of the Ocean, Patron of Women and Witchcraft

Omio Yemaya! The sparkling blue ocean that is the source of all life is the home of Yemaya. She is the mother of the fishes, of us all. Fertility, love, and family are her realms as well, though she can be a harsh mother at times. Yemaya's favorite fruits are featured in her fragrance: ripe watermelons and juicy pineapples are rolled in molasses and left on the salty shore waiting for the waves to slowly rise and deliver her offering to the vast ocean. Maferefun Yemaya every day!

Caminos de Ochas

Roads of the Orishas Too vast to fit into one manifestation, many of the Orishas have caminos, or roads. These roads represent the different periods in the life of a particular Orisha as well as their unique temperament and personality.

Yemaya Okoto - Pirate Witch Queen

omio Yemaya! Yemaya isn't always the heavy breasted loving ocean mother of the world. In this manifestation, Ibu Okoto is the underwater assassin who carries a dagger between her teeth and pulls down ships, boats and sailors lost at sea cutting their throats and filling the waters with human blood. She rules all the predatory animals of the sea and is said to live in the Red Sea . Her sacred vessel is often draped with a Jolly Roger pirate flag She is directly connected to water's power to kill and her Crown is the jawbone of a shark. Her perfume is the scent of an ancient pirate ship pulled under into the inky blackness. Maferefun Yemaya Okoto every day!