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Conjure Oils - Feri Tradition
Feri perfume oils are here to tickle your Black Heart and delight your Triple Soul!


Offerings in the Feri Tradition are available in three sizes:

1/32 oz. Sample Pip - $3.50
5ml Brown Apothecary Bottle - $15
10ml Brown Apothecary Bottle - $25
10ml Clear Glass Roll-On with Black Cap - $25

Please indicate your desired size and fragrance from the drop down menus below then click the Add To Cart button to complete the selection


Fey Oils

Black Heart of Innocence
black rose pumps primal life force as ripe berries add sensual juice. Aged myrrh builds strength while spruce and birch evoke wilderness and the presence of divinity

Blue Fire
a study in paradox: the coolest shade of blue is where the flame is the hottest. Fire and ice meet in a shimmering blend of camphor, cinnamon, champa and blue chamomile

Hawaiian pikaki flowers, vetiver, Himalayan cedar, hyssop and allspice lend a hand in unbinding, healing, cleansing and forgiving

Triple Soul Oils

a primal mix of juicy black raspberry, darkest pomegranate, scarlet hibiscus and preverbal labdanum

ignite the intellect with inspiring lavender, soothing allspice and mind opening mint

sacred frankincense, Ethiopian myrrh, orange blossom, jasmine and white rose. Let the Sacred Dove fly free


the Star Goddess saw her reflection in the curved black mirror of space and fell in love with Herself and from Her love all life was born. Stargazer lily, moonflowers, Egyptian musk, jasmine and lightning pay tribute to that moment of divine ecstasy

Melek Taus
dare to be centered in your sexy, beautiful self and travel to distant worlds just by entering the portals contained within the eyes on the peacock's tail. Dark musk, blue rose, water lily and patchouli honor the Blue God, Dian y Glas

goddess in her maidenhood, embodiment of the Black Heart. Don't be fooled, she's sometimes a trickster. Spun sugar, hyacinth and sweet pea concoct a youthful brew in her honor

as strong as his name (it sounds like "tower") and just as masculine as the symbolism. Animalistic musk layered in with patchouli, oakmoss and a touch of leather and bay rum. Chips of high john the conqueror are added to every bottle to increase virility

her skin is white and her black hair covers her body like a veil. She has a crown of seven stars, a swollen belly and stands on the sea so ripe with life. The scent of the primordial ocean combined with fertile pomegranate and scarlet roses

deep in the darkness of the underworld lives Anna, mighty in her power as crone. Falling leaves, rain, soil and black amber call forth the night

the Dark Lord with a ruby jewel on his forehead and a flaming torch that glows from between his horns. Leather, graveyard dirt, torch smoke and stark white birch branches remind us that he is the very spirit of winter and death

Guardian Oils

Heaven Shiner - Above
stars burst forth from blackness. Rain and sweet vanilla twinkle with vibrant pink grapefruit and a touch of honey

Star Finder - East
awaken knowledge hidden in blue eyes of golden bodied Star Finder. Sandalwood, clary sage and bergamot

Shining Flame - South
cut through lies with the blue sword of truth. Lemongrass, prickly pear cactus and sweetgrass open the way

Water Maker - West
love is a great dragon rising from the depths of the ocean with a silver chalice filled just for you. Blue lotus, white roses, violets warmed with Madagascar vanilla

Black Mother - North
silver horns and golden eyes surrounded by a halo of blue fire, the black mother stores wisdom for you to find. Oak, cedar and birch smoke stokes the fire in her caves

Fire in the Earth - Below
like the core of the earth, the ember of fire that glows in our bellies. Patchouli, cinnamon and chaparral

Guardian of the Gates - Center
"by the center, which is the circumference of all." Sandalwood, myrrh and ylang ylang

Iron Pentacle Oils

dark musk, black amber, smoky vetiver combine with sensual hibiscus and damiana to capture the heat that is made when two become one

never bashful red geranium and unmistakable petitgrain stand alongside giant ylang ylang blossoms that make no secret of the fact that they are indeed the flower of flowers

hoist your freak flag and let it fly! Bergamot, sandalwood, red tangerine and bay laurel bring self-assuredness and victory

laurel, calamus and a hint of cinnamon radiate strength, intention and, of course, power

ginger, jasmine and red Egyptian musk kindle flames of desire for the things closest to our hearts

Pearl Pentacle Oils

courageous red roses and tender water lilies whisper reminders to stay sturdy, soft and open

"do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law" wrote Crowley so long ago. This is a balm of balance: sandalwood supports palmarosa and lemon verbena equally

rosemary, white camphor and spring flowers stimulate the mind while myrrh invokes inner-knowing. Gnothi seauton

lemongrass, vetiver and gingergrass open the channels to liberation by cutting and clearing obstacles

circumvent doubt, open the gates to intuition: anise, clove, honeysuckle, jasmine, sage and solomon's seal

Conjure Oils' Feri Collection is dedicated to the memory of Cora and Victor Anderson.


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