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Conjure Oils - Dark Moon Lodge
Perfume Oils

Dark Moon Lodge

The Dark Moon Lodge is a red, black and white painted hut secretly kept in the forest of our collective unconscious and our DNA. It's where women dance with bare feet on dirt floors around a raging wild fire in the center of the universe spinning through the cycles of the moon with an open fierce heart. It is a sacred place where women go to bleed, to vent, to cry, to belly laugh until tears roll down cheeks; to be who they are and no longer have to pretend. It's where young women blooming at menarche come to be celebrated and embraced instead of shamed and ridiculed. It is a place for queens and crones gather to support and nurture one another whether it's by sharing the light of their sparkling wit, wisdom and experience or through communal mourning and soothing the dark places: moaning, keening and wailing over illness, loss or grief.

These fragrances celebrate women in all their phases of life and cycles and their varying degrees of light and shadow.

Let us celebrate ourselves no matter where we are at. We deserve it.


Fragrances in the Dark Moon Lodge are available in three sizes:

1/32 oz. Sample Pip - $3.50
5ml Brown Apothecary Bottle - $15
10ml Brown Apothecary Bottle - $25
10ml Clear Glass Roll-On with Black Cap - $25

Please indicate your desired size and fragrance from the drop down menus below
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January - Ice Moon

a time of inception, conception, origination. What do you want to will into the new year?

Snow laden birch branches, tender snowdrop blooms, linden and holy basil warmed with bayberry and clove.

February - Wolf Moon

what will you be initiating, growing, healing, purifying, celebrating?

A fragrance fit for the young love of Lupercalia - Ethiopian frankincense, violet, bay laurel and a soft heart of Indian sandalwood.

March - Storm Moon

a time to begin to indulge in the good life. Time for balance, growth and exploration.

Tender dogwood blossoms, gentle daffodil and jonquil moistened with spring rain.

April - Pink Moon

"Pink Moon is gonna get ye all..." - Nick Drake. Time for self love and enrichment, whether it be pleasure inducing or strengthening. An unavoidable time of growth and blossoming.

The gentle fragrances of sweet pea, tea roses, spring ferns and youthful bamboo.

May - Flower Moon

a time to fully blossom into intense self care mode. Be self-ish. Now is the time to get that house, that job, that pleasure so central to your Being. You deserve nothing less than the full flower life has to offer.

Tiger and Madonna lilies, lucky four leaf clover, freshly hewn hay, sweet honeysuckle and resinous Indian olibanum.

June - Rose Mead Moon

a time for bonding, leading, a time for the Queen; to ripen into the role of master of her universe, to build community and unity.

Fresh oak leaves, Queen Mab roses and white ginger lily glistening with a hint of honey.

July - Thunder Moon

time for invention, or reinvention. Ecstasy, prosperity, early harvest and organization.

Water lilies, bittersweet rose hips and the shock of ozone left by a bolt of lightning.

August - First Fruits Moon

what are you feeding yourself? Are you nourished and enthused, or depleted and lackluster? What first fruits can you feed yourself to sustain your passion?

A panoply of succulent fruits and berries: blackberries, gooseberries, the first apples of the season and juicy peaches sparkling with golden sunflower.

September - Harvest Moon

a time for gratitude, creativity, preparation and abundance.

Steaming chai tea served with frothy milk, brown sugar and a slice of pound cake slathered in raspberry coulis.

October - Blood Moon

let's let go, clean up, remember our ancestors and give thanks for those who have gone on before us. A time when the veil between the living and the dead is paper thin.

Joyous golden calendula, Mexican chocolate, Ceylon cinnamon, psychic center opening mugwort and protective angelica honor the those from beyond the veil.

November - Frost Moon

a time for all souls and a feast for the dead. Focus on preparation, security, and securing your roots for the coming year.

Chrysanthemum, crisp fallen leaves, wood smoke and the first chilling flakes of snow.

December - Full Long Nights Moon

birth of the Sun, time of renewal, purification of body and soul. Time to go inside introspectively and plan the lengthening days ahead.

Festive spice of bayberry and cinnamon sticks are enhanced with resinous and warm copaiba, frankincense and sweet opoponax dusted with light snow on white pine and black spruce boughs.

The Goddess' Fragrances

The Light Maiden

The Maiden is the waxing moon growing into fullness. Her color is white and her season is spring. She is woman from birth until her early to mid twenties. She is youthful, powerful, spontaneous, idealistic and She is known by many names such as Artemis, Joan of Arc, Brigid, Athena and the Page of Wands.

Her fragrance is one of courage and youth: a spritely blend of paper whites and saplings with a touch of dragon's blood for strength and courage

The Dark Maiden

She embodies sadness. She is shy, quiet and gets pulled under - either by her emotions, gods of the underworld or betrayal. Sedna, Persephone and Bloduedd and the Page of Swords all have fallen under this spell. While her color is still white and her moon phase the crescent, she is the crescent nearest to the new moon that rises with the sun.

Her fragrance is the sadness of a lonely forest at twilight. Wisteria, rain soaked weeping willows and mournful pomegranate seeds to ease her unrest

The Light Mother

The giver of life, pregnant with potential. She gives love, laughter and nurturance to all she encounters. She is an abundant table, a full belly, and a shoulder to cry on.  She is the moon at its fullest and her color is blood red. Gaia, Yemaya, Selene, Demeter and the Queen of Cups covey her energy.

Her fragrance is a cornucopia of fruit and flowers: lavender fields, grapevines heavy with purple fruit, sun kissed raspberries, crimson apples and the spice of life

The Dark Mother

The evil stepmother, the wicked queen. She'll send you to bed without your supper. She is selfish, self indulgent and vain. She is the mother who uses the full moon as a mirror just so she can see her own reflection. "Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?" This is the Queen of Swords as well as the beautiful and wicked Queen Grimhilde.

Her scent could only consist of the finest ingredients money could buy - white narcissus, black orchid, aged neroli, Indian patchouli, red roses, the darkest of sandalwoods and the blood of the heart of an innocent, er, I mean bloodroot



Menstrual Blood

What Dark Moon lodge would be complete without a fragrance dedicated to the nutrient rich blood of life?

It is rust red in color, dark in scent. Red Egyptian musk, fresh earth, black myrrh, dragon's blood, moonstone gem elixir and mugwort flower essence exude woman power. Wear it when you are bleeding to align with your own personal menstrual might

(Just a note - there is no actual blood in this mixture. Just scented oils. You could add your own if you want for personalization.)

The Shadow Queen

She plays the blame game and is still waiting for Prince Charming to come and save her. She is Guinevere waiting for Lancelot, Ophelia pining for Hamlet. She is the woman who doesn't realize her own glory and personal power. She is the alcoholic, the addict, the battered woman, the outcast.

To soothe the tired and aching soul of the Shadow Queen, only a gentle mix of the softest spring flowers will do: forsythia, white lilac, crocus and water lotus with rose quartz gem elixir

The Light Queen

Like Glinda, she is a mature woman who revels in her life experience. She knows where she's going and just what it has cost her to get there. She loves her family, even if it's only her fur-babies, her life path and has enough love left over to spill over onto others. She is Aphrodite, Astarte, Isis, the Harvest Moon, Indian Summer as well as the Queen of Pentacles.

Her perfume is a love song to the Queendom and an ode to the simple things in life that make the ordinary extraordinary:  a long soak in a rose milk bath while sipping chilled champagne

The Light Crone

The wise woman, the experienced one. She knows life inside and out and is so close to the veil she can see through it. She is the kindly grandmother, Hecate, Frau Holle and Oshun Ibu Yumu.

Her fragrance is a gingerbread cottage filled with the sweet vanilla of baking cookies and the oozing darkness of chocolate chips

The Dark Crone

Medusa, Baba Yaga, Cerridwen, Hel and Kali all destroy to regenerate. They are the fearsome aspect of death and conclusion. The petrifaction, putrefaction and opportunity for regeneration that we experience with our last breath.

The Dark Crone is the smell of a mossy tomb, a moonless night with cypress heavy in the air and sacred calla lilies gently placed on caskets. Do not cry as the Dark Crone comes near - she is leading you to rebirth

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