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Conjure Oils - The Little Perfume House that Could!

Things with a good smell will keep you safe from Hell! Fine fragrances, both sacred and profane.

While there are oil manufacturers out there who call may call their product conjure, we are the ONLY Conjure Oils brand of perfume and ritual oils! We use only the finest oils and components to design superlative fragrant collages guaranteed to transport you to fantastic landscapes and imaginary ages. Take a trip down the rabbit hole with our perfumed prestidigitation!

Get Love, get money, get even. Get CONJURE today!

We spare the pretense to provide you with superb perfume blends that are accessible and down-to-earth. Along with a warm, caring voice and a generous and kind community spirit we also provide the best in personalized care, attention and service: we love to get to know all of our friends and clients!

Conjure Oils practices sustainability, conscious consumerism and charity. To the best of our knowledge, all of our oils are free of petrochemicals, are 100% vegan and no part of our product has ever been tested on animals. Our solid perfumes are not vegan as they contain beeswax.

The oils are formulated and then hand-blended to order by Vajra - a trickster who has spent the last two decades or so learning the rules of the occult so she can break them properly. She has many influences that contribute to the inspiration behind the formulas as well as formal education and experience to make informed decisions while creating the blends. She's not a degreed and pedigreed perfumer tucked away in an ivory tower, instead she's a rogue formulator knee-deep in nature creating painstaking blends on the fly. Blowing the dust off of ancient and rare formularies so she can stack them up just high enough under the lilac tree to stand on for a good whiff of the intoxicating fragrance.

We've got the tools, the talent, the experience and the creativity to make the ancient modern and the outmoded relevant - not by relying on old and tired gimmicks or garbage - but by simply serving the community a heaping plate of fantastic fragrances lovingly prepared with quality ingredients dished up piping hot with a friendly smile and a sassy wink!


1. How can I contact Conjure Oils?

Please feel free to contact us for any reason! Don't be shy - no question, comment, request or suggestion is too small and most email inquiries are answered the same day!


info {at} conjureoils {dot} com

(Ordering info can be found here.)

Snail Mail:

Conjure Oils
7570 N Heppner Ave
Portland, OR 97203

2. Do you offer custom blends?

Absolutely! The details can be found HERE.

3. What is Hoodoo? Isn't it the same as Voodoo?

No. Here's the short answer when a much longer answer is deserved: Hoodoo is a African-American magickal system from the US rural South. It is a combination of African spiritual practices, Native American herbology, Jewish mysticism, some Protestant Christian beliefs, some Spiritualism, German Pow-Wow and bits of pagan European folklore.

Voodoo is a religion. It's also spelled Vodou and it means "God" or "Spirit" It came from Dahomey in West Africa (now known as Benin) It is practiced in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and New Orleans among other places.

They both share African roots,so there are some similarities, but most definitely they are not the same thing.    

4. Will you be adding more oils?

Sure. We hope to constantly be adding to the catalog. If there's something you're dying to see listed, let us know!

5. Do your oils really work?

Here's the legal take on that: "These products make no claims and are sold as curios only." We agree, but would also like to add this: "Every effort is taken to ensure that these oils are formulated correctly. It is your intention and prayers that make them work."

6. What about sensitivities and allergies?

Please note: Some oils may contain nut-derived ingredients (i.e. peanut, walnut, pecan, etc..) and therefore other oils may have trace amounts of these ingredients since they share a home together so, if you have any nut allergies, please be advised! If you have ANY other allergies or sensitivities, we don't recommend using any perfumes! Allergies and sensitivities can vary widely from individual to individual, so we can't be held responsible if you have an allergic reaction. By shopping here you agree to this. We hope you'll take the proper precautions, know your body and do your homework! Also, I know they can smell delicious, but these oils are for external use only and are not for children, pets or for use during pregnancy.

As a person with sensitivities myself, I know that heavy smells can be headache and nausea inducing (not only for myself - the people I am around as well!) Conjure Oils' perfumes are highly concentrated, so if any of the perfume oils are too strong for you, please feel free to dilute it with your favorite carrier oil. Some of my favorites are sesame, jojoba, apricot kernel and coconut oil.

7. Are the fragrance notes in the description the only ingredients in the oil?

No. In the descriptions, only a few of the main notes are listed. This is so we can provide a general idea of the fragrance profile while protecting proprietary secrets. In an effort to be transparent, we advise those of you with allergies to do a patch test first, or let us know what you're allergic to and we'll tell you if it's in there, or not. If you're still concerned, email us. We have options.

8. What is the shelf-life of these oils?

These should last about a year if they're kept cool, away from heat sources and out of the direct rays of the sun. They're decanted in heavy glass bottles to help extend the life of these blends. Though like a fine wine, oftentimes oils will improve with age. Let your nose be your guide.

9. Do you use a blend of essential oils and/or fragrance oils?

Like most other perfume houses out there we use a blend of essential and fragrance oils but we certainly have a bias towards essentials since we believe energy and magick is contained in the natural world. Unfortunately, there isn't an essential oil for everything (for example, there is no cotton candy or strawberry essential oil, dang!) so a fragrance oil is substituted. We try to get local/organic essential oils when possible (and living in the Pacific Northwest, its pretty easy and affordable) and all our oils are dispensed at skin-safe concentrations. We also refuse to use natural musk, civet and ambergris as they are cruelly derived from critters.

10. Are your oils hand blended?

Yes! All the oils are made from scratch and are made to order.

11. What is your TAT (Turn Around Time)?

Since all the scents are hand blended to order in small batches and all bottles are filled and labeled by hand, the process doesn't lend itself to expediency! Right now, the turn around time (TAT) is about 28 business days. Please note that it can take in excess of a month during busy times for you to get your order!

12. What kinds of oils are on your site? Are they perfume or anointing oils?

In actuality, there are both. To clarify, there are two oil strengths available on the web site: anointing and perfume, the difference being the ratio of carrier oil to scented oil. Perfume oils have more scented oil added to a carrier oil and the anointing oils have less. Due to popular demand, all lines, with the exceptions of the Hoodoo and Book of Shadows lines, are perfume oil strength.

13. Anointing oils? What are those?

Anointing oils are oils used for spiritual purposes. When you put an oil on your body in a spiritual way, it is called "anointing." When you apply that same oil to an object such as a mojo bag, an amulet, a statue or a photo it is called "dressing." Same oil, two names, just depends on how you use it. They're also known as "condition" oils because the name of the oil usually tells you what it's for ("Love Me", etc)

All of the perfume oils on this site are designed to be used as either perfume or anointing oils. To make your perfume oil an anointing oil, just add a few drops of your favorite fragrance to a teaspoon of carrier oil.

14. Do you accept returns or offer refunds?

Because they're a personal product that is made to order and perishable, we can't accept returns or offer refunds once you've made a purchase. We don't have a back stock to return your refunded purchase to! It would sit there alone on the shelf. Sad and lonely, wondering why it was rejected, crying beautifully scented tears...

15. I really like Conjure Oils - is there a community for like minded folks out there who also like them?

Sure! Site updates and catalog additions are on the Conjure Oils blog. There's a livejournal community and a listing over at WitchVox. Please also consider subscribing to our Myspace blog. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook as well!

16. I want to sell Conjure Oils at my shop. What are your terms?

Please visit the orders page for the answer to that question.

17. What are Vajra's credentials?

Vajra Wright is an initiated priest of Eleggua in the Lukumi tradition, holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting and Art Education and has a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology. She is a graduate of cat yronwode's Lucky Mojo correspondence course, class of '03, a Reiki III practitioner and has also studied the Feri Tradition of Witchcraft. She's studied the Dianic tradition for longer than she hasn't (come to think of it!)

She's currently working on her first book, Clockwork Conjure - a Guide to Steampunk Magick and in her spare time (LOL!) she likes to play guitar, write music, sing, create art, work as a spiritual reader and study various arcane arts. She lives with her adoring and most helpful husband, Sterling, and together they are raising their amazing daughter, Miss Lucy and their superlative son, Sebastian.

18. Anything else?

This web site and all its contents belong to Conjure Oils © 2007-Present. All copy, titles, designs, names, label art, web design and all images, unless otherwise indicated or public domain, are created by Vajra Wright and are the possession and intellectual property of Conjure Designs © 2007-Present.. Please don't fuck with out shit without permission! ;)

- Conjure Oils -

"Things with a good smell will keep you safe from Hell."

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